About Me

Hello! Myself Tejas Mahajan. 

"To code and build something
Is as beautiful as
Cherishing your wildest dreams."


I am an Android developer, Programmer, UI/UX designer, Student and Navodayan💖. I really want to learn how to implement my own designs in life and offer a better service to my readers by telling them that I can code too!

I spend far too much time on the web, keeping one eye on Twitter and the other on Product Hunt to ensure I don't miss out on any new products! As well as web design, I have a real desire to learn AI development as well, but all in good time.

More about me

Where am I from?

I'm originally from India where we all have a rich heritage and watch IPL every summer. I grew up in a small town but moved over to a city for studies a few years ago and I'm now living in the hostels in my school.

What is my Dream Job?

Part of the reason I'm learning to code is that I want to be able to put my own ideas into practice. My dream 'job' would be to build my own product and be responsible for the entire experience from development through to implementation.